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About Us

At Impact Physical Therapy we strive to support healing by using manual therapy and specific exercises to achieve health and optimal function for individuals of all ages.
At Impact Physical Therapy we have highly skilled physical therapists that are compassionate and motivated.  These highly specialized therapists supply individualized manual therapy to our clients to help prevent injury and improve wellness.  Our staff’s dedication to continuing education and evidence-based practice ensures the most appropriate treatment available.
At Impact Physical Therapy we take pride in providing the best medical care to our patients. Since 2015, Impact has steadily gained a reputation in Evanston as a premier medical provider.

Each of our therapists is a certified orthopedic manual therapist COMT which sets them apart from other providers. 

Only 1% of therapists in the nation have finished this advanced training which allows us to assess impairments faster, treat them more efficiently and return patients to their active lifestyle more quickly. This is achieved by providing individualized care to each patient, patients being seen by a licensed physical therapy at each session and by having outstanding rapport with local physicians. 

An emphasis is placed on providing “hands-on” manual therapy techniques which is combined with specific exercises to address the complaint. Each patient will be provided an individualized home exercise program suited to promote their recovery. 
A physician referral is not required for all insurances. Medicare and Medicaid require a physician referral. Physical therapy in the state of Wyoming is considered a direct access for medical providers where a referral from the patient’s primary care physician is not required.
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