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Morgan Jones

Impact physical therapy has the best therapists I've had the pleasure of working with. They are extremely knowledgeable about the physical problems and injuries that people experience on a daily basis, and help people heal by explaining what the probable cause of the injury may have been. They are very kind, patient and professional while working with me while explaining what I need to do to heal up.


Jeanne Zappia

I've been working with Justin Dennis at Impact Physical Therapy for a couple of weeks now for rehab from shoulder surgery and am very pleased with the treatment I have been getting. Justin is very professional and courteous and I am seeing results very quickly. I would also like to mention that the the clinic itself is very clean and well maintained. I would highly recommend Impact Physical Therapy to anyone who needs PT.


Charlotte Black

I been seeing the Therapists at Impact Physical Therapy for 3 years. I am still as impressed today as I was on my families first visit. I feel their answers for therapy are SPOT ON. When myself or my family member received therapy, we always feel better and have answers to improved our overall strength. I would highly recommend Impact Physical Therapy.


Marnice Hudson

I am very grateful for the skillful treatment and caring environment that I received at Impact and for the PT's who put you at ease and have the knowledge and skill to alleviate the pain.


E Litow

Justin and Trent are very professional. I can't imagine ever using anyone else. I had a problem in my hamstring; I felt so much better after the first time!


Karen Price

The staff at Impact Physical Therapy provides a professional experience from start to finish! I was treated with the highest care the entire time I was receiving treatment. Trent worked endlessly to determine the cause of my pain and gave just the right treatment plan to heal the issue. I couldn't be more pleased with the care I got at Impact Physical Therapy!


Darcey Fulmer

I have a neck injury and was in bed for over 7 months. Trent has given me the tools and exercises to get me up and moving. I was unable to lift my left arm or turn my head fully. Within the first week I was sitting up more and my head was moving so much better.
So glad these guys are here in our town. I recommend them to anyone that needs help with an injury.

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