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We accept all insurance plans including Medicaid and Medicare.


We are a member of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) and we maintain the highest standards in physical therapy.


If you are not sure if your insurance plan covers physical therapy, contact us. We will review your plan to help you understand your individual insurance coverage and benefits.

Most insurance plans provide physical therapy coverage and do not require a referral. Our staff will provide detailed information about treatment needs, charges, and insurance coverage.

No Insurance

For patients with little or no insurance coverage, we offer flexible payment programs for your situation.

$105.00 cash initial payment

$85.00 after initial payment

Many patients use payment programs to make it affordable for anyone to receive the right physical therapy treatment.

Family Treatment

We can take proactive care for you or your family. It is our job to focus on your health and wellness to improve your overall quality of life. We create customized plans for individuals and families to help everyone live an active, healthy life.


We know that a small amount of time and money will drastically improve your health, which is your most important asset. We encourage you to take your health seriously, which is why we want you to come before you are dealing with pain.

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