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Neuro Re-Education

The brain and muscles communicate through nerves that run down the spinal cord, branch out and innervate individual muscles in the body providing coordinated movements.  Sequencing and patterns need to take place for patients to move properly. 


When the heel hits the ground, for example, it should tell the brain that the glutes and spinal muscle should fire to stabilize the trunk during gait.  When this doesn’t happen, back, hip and leg pain may develop. By understanding sequencing, we can discover why muscles are not working correctly and work to strengthen these areas. Strokes and/or spinal cord injuries can affect movement and how the brain sends signals to the rest of the body. 


We help rehabilitate these types of injuries to improve function as much as the body will allow. After a stroke or spinal cord injury, the majority of physical therapy progress will be made in the first 6 months but improvement can be seen up to 2 years out from the injury.


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