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Back Pain


If your back pain, no matter where you are feeling it, has persisted for longer than two weeks, you should immediately make an appointment with one of our physical therapists so they can try to figure out what the problem is, suggest a solution, and help you with pain prevention. The earlier you begin treatment, the better chance you have of making a full recovery.  More

Knee Pain

A majority of sports, you are using your knees to run, jump, sprint, and move, your knees are at a higher risk for injury and pain. When you come into our office for physical therapy or sports medicine, we’ll make sure to take a look at your knees, suggest treatment options, and teach you how to lessen the impact your physical activity will have on your knees in the future.


Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can be very debilitating because you use your arms for so much of your daily activity. If your shoulder is in pain, it will make the things you love to do more difficult. However, if you see a physical therapist the moment that the pain sets in, you can ensure a better recovery.


Neck Pain

If you are suffering from neck pain, you need to look at your lifestyle habits that could be leading to neck pain. Quite often we see patients dealing with poor posture. If you are dealing with long hours of repetitive movement, you can quickly see problems arise with your neck, shoulders, and back. More

Ankle Sprains

A sprained ankle is perhaps the most common injury that happens during any type of physical activity. They can be very different in severity, ranging from a minor soreness to severe pain.


Hip Pain

People dealing with pain in the hip are often told they need surgery.

We want to ensure your body works and feels great. Using the right physical therapy treatments, we may be able to delay or prevent surgery on your hip.


Hand & Wrist Pain

The continuous daily use of the hands for work, school, or home activities makes this area a major concern for many people. Let our therapists identify ways to improve your function and get you back to the things you love to do! 



Physical therapists can aid in the treatment of chronic headaches as well as other musculoskeletal pain or injury. An initial evaluation will let us know whether we will be able to help you recover and get relief from your headaches.


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